We need your support to continue our work

Human trafficking hides in every community, and Common Thread relies on volunteers and interns for community development and 24/7 accessibility.

What you can do

  • Organize events to collect essential goods for survivors and build awareness
  • Participate in community trainings and screenings to increase victim identification
  • Support the program's 24/7 hotline operations

Donate goods from our wishlist

All items purchased from our wishlist are provided directly to Common Thread clients:

Order from our Wishlist

Organize a donation event

Trafficking survivors are from all walks of life, with unique and individual needs. Contact us to coordinate a donation event, to help us work with your community to collect items needed by survivors.

  • Clothing
  • Stuffed animals
  • Hygiene products
  • Bracelet-making events
  • Cell phones/phone cards
  • Bus passes

Donate your expertise

Common Thread trains its team and the community on ways to support trafficking survivors. If you’re a qualified professional interested in increasing the community’s capacity to identify or work with survivors, contact Common Thread to donate your expertise.

Can you provide services for survivors pro-bono? Partner with us.

Initiate change

Human trafficking hides in every community.

Start the change in your home town. If you live within Common Thread’s service areas in Texas, contact us to arrange a visit from our team at your school, church, social group, or place of employment. We’ll help you and your peers learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and support victims to find help.